Friday, 10 July 2009

Show me your shoes - Le Petit Oiseau

This week Nath, from Le Petit Oiseau has allowed me to steal a previous post of hers on shoes! This isn't just one pair but 9, and they're all super cute. I love the ones by Kate Kanzier.

Nath kindly gave us a run down of where is got her shoes from and the sites so we can get some too! Yay!

red - topshop. a staple of last year's summer. i still love them, it's their round red dolliness.
blue - given to me by a friend. they really rub around the peep toe, but i still wear them (and suffer).
brown - vintage 1940s brogue pumps. i bought these from an amazing vintage clothes shop in Lyme Regis (, it's in the owner's front row. tiny and FULL of beautiful things.

red - vintage low heeled sandals. from another favourite vintage shop, they look great with thick tights in the winter.
blue - oh i love these so much. from topshop last summer, they're on their last legs.. every time i wear them someone comments on them! i wish i had another pair stashed away, and they did them in coral too, i wish i had bought them as well!
brown - well brownish, more pale mushroom. my favourite pair of shoes. bought by my husband for my birthday last year, found on ebay (well, i found them, he's good but not that good). we were having dinner at a friend's house when the auction ended and he disappeared with all the children and the dog hot on his heels and still managed to come back triumphant. a very good birthday present.

red - from Office, my shoes for early spring. i wore only dresses and skirts over the winter and these worked well with wool skirts, tights and dresses too, now summer is here, I have been only wearing trousers, funny, huh?
blue - from my new favourite website, Kate Kanzier (, discovered by Artemis (, lovely shoes, very good prices. they're not leather though. i'm wearing them right now.
brown - okay well, pale buff. also from Kate Kanzier, sweet little broguish numbers, look very cute with a dress.


  1. Oooo gorgeous. I love other peoples shoes but I'm rubbish at finding lovely ones myself - may have something to do with the fact that we have pretty rubbish shoe shops in barbstaple!

  2. I love shoes, and used to collect them, When my teen twins were born I had 38 boxed pairs and 14 pairs of boots. My favorites were made by Miguel Hernandez, all had high heels. These days I have to wear low shoes, and as my joints swell, I cannot always wear any, but I still buy pretty ones, got a fabby pair of tiny heeled bronze slingbacks.

  3. Gorgeous shoes! (: Love the collection!

    La C.

  4. I adore the entire collection, but I think my favourites would be the very last ones..


  5. oh! i am so behind in my blog reading! i only just saw this! hee! oh dear, i did spot a typo of mine though. tsk!

    i'll post a link to it on my blog tomorrow.

  6. A colour palette of loveliness!