Thursday, 14 October 2010

Carrier Pigeon

A couple of weeks ago, when London Design Week was on, Selvedge mag set up a stitching shop in the V&A for passers by and great fans to join in and stitch some lovely pigeons that were perfectly screen printed by Thornback & Peel. Both Sami Teasemade and I went along to this great day and lovingly created our very own pigeon to keep once the whole troop of them had taken part in a photo shoot at Trafalgar Square.

Pigeons, by the way, are a long running connection which me since my boyfriend affectionately calls me Pigeon, or Pige, as did Jack Duckworth to his beloved Vera. Since this started Pigeons seem to follow me, including one time when I rescued a racing pigeon from preying cats for 3 whole days until her owner could arrange a collection.

Anyway, you can view more exciting pigeon stitch photo's on Teasemades blog and also on the Selvedge Flickr site where my pigeon sits proudly with a Lion!

It was a truly great day, so you should sign up to Selvedge's mailing list to find out about future events and I will see you there!


  1. that is a rather gorgeous pigeon ;)


  2. I love his satchel!