Friday, 17 December 2010

Proper Crimbo

It's not a proper Christmas without a Christmas tree now is it? So whilst I'm sharing a house with others i've made do with this teeny weeny real Christmas tree.

I bought it from a stall at a craft market last weekend in Brixton and the girl even told me I can keep it alive until next year!

I decorated this mini piece with cut up paper straws and threaded onto some crochet cotton, some polka dot ribbon, a paper cut I made of stars and topped by a lovely coral red vintage button. Both the ribbon and button were gifted to me by Teasemade I think.

The little addition house at the bottom comes as a greetings card which you cut out and glue together. It's designed by a new favourite designer of mine, Lucy Jane Batchellor.


  1. I love this, handmade decorations are always the best.

  2. Oh this is so lovely! I get pretty excited about anything in miniature. The house is gorgeous too. Happy New Year x

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