Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We all drank tea.

And here is some of the tea and goodies received from my Fancy Tea Swap. I think it went very well and everyone seems to enjoy swapping and receiving different tea. I didn't realize so many were into fancy teas like I but now I feel good knowing I am not the only one.

These pictures are not from my swap, but from Natalie Wilson and Dinky Daisy who both swapped with one another!

Unfortunately the swap I received got damaged but it was super fantastic and I will try and repair the china cup which doubled as a candle. Thanks so much Clarabows!

Everyone who took part has been really generous with their swaps and so thankyou all.

I think this little swap does have some more scope as I think teas do collect a lot in the cupboard! So look out for some more tea swaps in the future.


  1. Pity about a damaged cup.
    That tea purse is really pretty!
    Tea Swap, what a fabulous idea. I too, drink lots of tea. Perhaps too much for my own good!

  2. I still need to take a pic of the teas I received... really is such a sweet idea :)

  3. i would love to do another tea swop really enjoyed this one and as well as tea i also recieved a little gift as well, fantastic fun one of the best swops i have done so far