Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A new face....

Rachel behind Glamglass gifts recently asked me to help out with freshening up her identity. She makes lots of nice jewellery things, mostly glass pendants and accessories. She made some amazing glass sculptures (that remind me of the shape of coral reefs) and she wanted these to represent her shops, so I helped her transform her ideas into a logo and banner for her. This logo was based on my favourite of her glass sculptures - with embedded colourful millefiore glass it was perfect because of the bright and interesting shapes. I hope that this logo and banner shows her unique and funky side which is reflected in her patternations and colour combos fused inside the glass. If you would like to see these logos in action, pop over to or find her on folksy!

And please remember that if anyone is in need of a little design help, then I would be happy to take that job under my wing and so just get in touch!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A depressing thought.

I am currently on one long long journey to finding a job which lets me step my foot onto my chosen career path. After nearly 9 months now nothing seems to be shifting into place. Not even a smidgin. 

Where I live in quite small and so generally my searches for a job have been much wider, but I was pleased when a recent design job was advertised in my local newspaper for a graduate graphic designer. These jobs rarely come up here as the business is small here, so naturally I thought I might actually have a chance at this one! 

After just over a week I heard no reply to my application and so I thought would email them to see how the whole thing is going, and to find out sooner whether I was successful or not at securing an interview. However I received the email bearing some slightly disappointing news. The email basically said that they had an overwhelming amount of applications, over 300 and it's taking them a while to go through them all! 

I am lost for words to think that over 300 applications were received for this small place in Lichfield. I recently heard a statistic regarding the economic problems saying that for every 1 job 50 people apply. This doesn't leave me with much hope as only 50 applications is obviously quite optimistic by comparison to this one particular job I applied for! I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry. I'd probably have a better chance of winning big brother! 

On reflection this job was small by comparison to some of the bigger companies that I have applied for and it chills me to think of how many would have actually applied to these jobs. No wonder they never get back to you!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Kick in the bum.

I decided I really need to kick my small business into shape and to get some sales I need to make some things. Sometimes I get shy about making new things, about spending the money before hand and just lack a bit of confidence. It doesn't really help when people don't see this is a chance to make money but I do (or i think anyway). I've noticed a small increase in my sales and so my items must be saleable. Making new things will obviously get more buying eyes to my shop and so this is my plan. 

Today I have finished a number of new pendant, earrings and buttons. I have listed a few already and there are still many buttons that haven't been finish
ed yet, but you can have the first peek at the completed collection.

Let me know your thoughts!


Monday, 16 March 2009


Just thought I would share the bargain I found today! Just browsing the charity shops and whilst at the till I found these beauties and instantly recognized the brand Ray Ban. After a quick look I purchased these for just 75p! After a bit of research too I found that they are indeed true Vintage Ray Bans with a similar pair on ebay going to £55! They're super cute, super 50's black cats eye sunglasses and definitely worth keeping!
I photographed these on a drawing a I have just finished, all about lovely tea.


Saturday, 7 March 2009


After making some buttons for a button swap I did with a nice lady in the USA, I was really pleased with the outcome and so I thought I would make some buttons for my shops. I have based them on my illustrations and so you can use them to make your own crafty projects!
These top ones are the ones i made to swap and the others are avaliable in my shop!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Owl swappzies

This is bit of a late post, but better late than never!

I received a really great swap from Karly! She made me a little fabric owl pouch that was filled with nice turkish delight. Yum yum, it is a depleting collection of Turkish delight. She also send me some really great patterned papers, which I love and have now been added to my collection. And finally she send me a owl lolly mould! Great for making chocolate lollies. Karly also adorned the box with all sorts of owl images which were really sweet. 

As this was my first swap I wasn't really sure how much stuff to send and after receiving all these great goodies I felt so bad! I hope I made it up with some chocolate owl lollies which I sent her after!

The reason this post was so late was because I went away to Turin as a late birthday present from my boyfriend. We had a great time seeing all the old Rococo and baroque architecture there. I will post some pics soon and i'm sure artwork will follow once I have caught up on everything!