Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Shop Handmade feature

A lovely lady from Shop Handmade UK asked me to be a featured seller for this month. I was very flattered and it tied in just in time for my name swap over and so here is the article.

It's the first real interview/feature I have done so far because as I am a fairly new seller I wanted to sort myself out properly with nice stock and new items etc before I start chatting away, but now I think I am ready to embrace the crafting world for real and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do some more interviews. Can I call myself a real designer now??

I hope you find this feature on Shop Handmade UK useful as I have given a few tips on what I think works for my sales, mainly having fabulous branding. If you would like some more advice on branding or the design of your shop/blog or anything else then please leave me a comment.

Don't forget my giveaway either!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mr britain wants to come and stay with you!

Now my shop is up and running and I have started to blog again (hurrah) and so I thought maybe I should give you guys a giveaway for the chance to win one of my new designs.... Mr Britain!

Mr Britain would like to come and stay with you, and he can be yours with just one condition. In return for winning Mr Britain I am very gratefully asking you, the lucky person to do a photo diary of you and him and the adventure you go on within the week. This only has to be a couple of photos and a quick description so we can read all about it on my blog at a later date. We all want to see what he gets up to, so I hope the winner will be a dedicated one. It would be fabulous if he gets to go on holiday, or on a special museum trip.

I hope you'll all want to take part as it is as simple as commenting this post until the Monday 5th of October and any tweets about this will also get extra entries (just remember to comment below to say you've tweeted and also add @shedraws to the tweet). Also please leave an email address with your comment so I can contact you when the winner is drawn.

Open to all folk in the UK and overseas.


Monday, 28 September 2009

Mr. Wick's Candy shop.

Since I have been updating and sorting out my shop I have not been blogging very much and so I forgot to finish off telling you all about my sister's new shop she has opened. I showed you the design and I hope you were excited about it because now Mr. Wick is open for business on Folksy and selling all sorts of fabulously scented candles in vintage tins, glass, teacups etc.

At the moment she has a few for sale that are scented with bubblegum, candy floss and banana. They are so yummy you feel like tasting them and she has been seeking out some of the best vintage tins. She uses a soy wax which is really nice and soft and melts at lower temperature so you can reuse all the vessels as the wax is easy to clean and doesn't leave a smokey mess and also you can use the wax to moisturize your skin. She made some little soy melts which you can use in a oil burner to let off the scent or as a mini, travel moisturizer (that's how we have been using them!).

Here are a selection of her range on sale, but I must warn you that as they are vintage cups and tins they are limited edition and so when they're gone they're gone!

You can find her shop here.

New advert

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick post about the blog advert swap I did a while ago as now I am She Draws I need you all to be so kind of swap it to my new advert.

It would be really great if you could just take the advert straight from here and them link it to Many thanks!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Simply She Draws.

Some of you may have already notice a change in my blog layout and also my twitter name, so now is time to reveal that I am not longer selling under the name of Glue and Glitter, but now, simple, She Draws.I also haven't blogged for a loooong time, but I have been preparing new stock ready for my name and shop change over. Maybe I shall give you a bit of a update to why I have gone ahead and changed my name...

When I first started making some things to sell, I had no idea that I would head in a direction and I also had no idea to the vast amount of handmade designers and artists out there. I started creating things from recycled bits of jewellery and buttons I already owned but soon after I was inspired by all you designers and wanted to put the designer in me to the test. I started to experiment with lots of things and how I could use my illustrations to wear as jewellery. I discovered plastic and resin and started making. Some of my designs became popular with you guys and you always gave me confidents in my drawings. Naturally not everyone wanted jewellery which lead me to make yet more different things such as tote bags, tea towels and cards, these were still just trials. I felt like although I was making progress as a designer I was still selling under the name which wasn't what intended for my new ideas and this brought me to think of a new name which had a clear focus in what I wanted to make. And so here we have the new shop She Draws.

Finding a name to suit is damn hard. I did lots of research on everyone else's and you all have such good names which made it even harder. After lots of thought and procrastinating I finally came to the decision (with the help of the BF) to settle for She Draws. She Draws is simply what I do :).

I hope you like my new name and please go and have a look at my new shop or visit my temporary website which is currently being built into a fabulous emporium by my good friend Katie.

Here are just a few of my new designs and products. Enjoy!