Monday, 16 February 2009

stuff and things

Last night I was working on some illustrations which I think I will put in artwork so I can sell them as some prints. I think I will start off with some A5 prints and see how they go. I only have one image of the first of a set of illustrations as me and my scanner have a bad friendship and all the others didn't turn out well. 

I have also been making some magnets, for all those people who might like my illustrations but don't do necklaces. I really like these magnets. I made them from fairly thin sheets of magnetic "paper" yes, paper, that's what it's called and then I printed on them and glossed them just like my jewellery. They're pretty darn flexible too so can be put in all sorts of places not just your fridge. I hope everyone likes them.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Owl swap

As my swap partner has received my items I think it's safe to put the pics up now.
I made an owl sitting on a branch, with a moon and a star. Made with plastic, covered with different papers and the sealed and glossed with resin and finally hung on a silver plated chain.

I hope you enjoy looking at it and I will post the pics of my received item soon.

Friday, 13 February 2009


What I made for my loved one. A handmade book with all sorts of different pages full of things to make you puke. It had to be done though!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Up for swaps!

Can anyone make use of these? 

They are brown and green pillow boxes, which are very nice but don't match my packaging. I will happily swap these for something small and of low value. There are 7 bottle greens, 3 chocolate browns, I pearlesent coffee colour, and 9 pearlesent burgundy brown colours. All nice different textures and are cut from high quality paper/card. They measure 8.5cm x 5.5cm and 2cm wide when made up.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I want to blog about my owl swap which i'm just finishing and my button swap which I sent off today, but I don't want to reveal anything as news travels fast and before you know it the surprise will be over!

I was really pleased with my buttons, i have my photos ready an waiting to post on here when my partner has received them. It made me think about making more buttons in the future as I guess you could use them for almost anything, card, jewellery, clothes, toys. That got me thinking about other things in general that I could make from my illustrations, like magnets and decorations. I'm not really sure if these sell, but some people could let me know what they think anyway!

Back to my jewellery, I custom made this a few days ago for a friends mum's birthday. She has a decorating shop called Colourworld and I made this little brooch for her. I love it, it's so geeky. She loves pinks and purples and so this was a great opportunity to colour the paint pink and have a sparkly purple jewel. I hope she likes it, but her birthday isn't until march so we won't find out yet.
Just to let you know too I've relisted a tea set necklace on Etsy as my first one went pretty quickly.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Busy busy

I have been busy finishing off some of my new illustration jewellery. My tea set necklace and chandelier earrings proved popular so I thought of some new ideas in which I could use 2 or three charms together to create a kitsch theme. So far I have done a valentines "love letter" necklace, which features an envelope, a love letter and a pen and a robot with some nuts and bolts, but my favourite has to be the vintage telephone with it's very own receiver and "hello" speech bubble. I might have to make myself one! 
I will be listing these on my website and etsy later.

A belated congratulations is in need also, to Alice who won my bow necklace give away! Commiseration's  to everyone on my mailing list who didn't win, but there will a chance next time as I plan to do more giveaways in the future!

Anyway I really should go an start these logos I am ment to be doing for my dad and a music producer. I just can't help myself getting carried away with finishing off my new jewellery ideas! I still have many ideas floating around my head just waiting to be put to paper.

And lastly, please visit our crafteroo comic relief shop on Folksy. Members from the crafteroo forum have kindly donated some pieces for the shop and all proceeds from the sales will go to comic relief so make sure you take a look so you can do your bit! Thank you.

Monday, 2 February 2009


Later on this evening I will announce the winner of my very first giveaway. This was open to anyone and you can still enter (if you haven't already) by signing up to my mailing list at Anyone on my list will automatically be added to the generator so it is very simple to be a part of it!

This is the necklace that is up for grabs.

This particular design hasn't been for sale yet, and so you'll be the first to set eyes on it. I hope you like it. It's a very sweet white bow, a sister to the red I have for 
sale and is hung on a gold plated chain. 

I will let the winner know tomorrow, just to really bring the excitement to boiling point!

I have also been working on finishing some other illustration jewellery and the two swaps that I am involved with. The owl swap and the button swap. I can't reveal too much, just incase someone is reading this! But I am happy the way they are going so far anyway.