Saturday, 30 January 2010

She's Super!

Please please check out Teasemade's shop.

Sami from Teasemade is a super lovely lady who not only makes the best stuff ever (all tiny and stitched), offers the best advice and goes to all sort of lengths to help you out, she's truly the best.

I first saw Teasemade open up on Folksy just before Christmas and I knew I would love it straightaway, I mean anything with the word "tea" in it must be good for sure!

Friday, 29 January 2010

It's magic!

There are plenty of beauty bloggers out there reviewing every product on the market but now it is my turn to give a little beauty review because I believe I have witnessed magic and feel the need to share!

I have only recently discovered Essie thanks to my sister bring home a trial size nail polish borrowed from her friend and as I am a massive fan of nail polish I had to give it ago. I'd seen Essie reviewed in many magazines before but never took enough notice to buy any of their products as I've spent enough money in my time on nail polish and I wasn't really prepared to spend anymore.

Well that was then and this is now and after a trial of Essie in Great Expectation I am in love. I noticed that after a few days of my first go with the polish I had no chips and still after a few more days it was still hanging around. I'd lost count of the days from when I first painting my talons and so I gave it another go keeping a mental note of the day and I also wanted to give it another go incase it was a fluke but I am pleased to say the varnish lasted a whole 7 days, Tuesday to Tuesday, with no chips. NO CHIPS. I still can't believe I am saying that because I have never come across a varnish that doesn't chip, especially when I have been so hands on in the week.

I feel this is such a break through that I have now found Essie and I hope everyone else with the same trouble will see this and have a little faith along with gorgeous nails! The best thing about Essie also is that they have millions of colours so the world is your truly your oyster.

The varnishes range from just £6.50 found here to £10, but either way the money will be well worth spent!

Monday, 25 January 2010


I must say thanks to everyone for sending me lots of love and a Sunshine award! I must of had about 6 of them all together. I'm not quite why I've suddenly become so popular, but thanks anyway!!

Also to give you some sunshine back all my resin rings are now just £4.50 instead of £9.00 and there are many more bargains in my shop anyway, starting from £2.50!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Must be love

I guess my new years resolution this year was to draw more.

I'd love to get my work published and I love creating cards and stationary so i'm not quite sure why I slowed the pace down.

Well I am keeping to my resolution and I've started drawing almost everyday, something new at least and I have been churning out some things I am quite pleased with including this wedding invitation design. I used to draw like this a lot, but then stopped a bit but I love creating all the tiny images as every time you look you at it you see something new!

I might even make some of the drawings into buttons for wedding favors or napkin decoration.

Anyone having a wedding? We can pretend can't we?

Monday, 11 January 2010

Mr. B meets Edwina Simone.

Some moons ago I did a giveaway of a Mr. Britain necklace in return for some photo's of Mr. Britain on his travels and it just happens to be that my cat loving friend Abbi from Edwina Simone won the chance to be with his gracious.

So here is her story of how Mr. B settled into her residence. Enjoy!

P.S Check out her Gorgeous shop!

Click on image to make bigger.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

An early present to myself

It's my birthday next week and it was just coincidence that I found the most adorable book ever called "Happy Birthday with Ant and Bee".

I spotted this little fellow as soon as I stepped through the door of the charity book shop and I couldn't spot thinking about it after I left (without purchasing the book that is).

This little book is just a few inches high, perfect for someone's pocket and the stripy cover just gripped me as soon as my beady little eyes saw it popping out among all the other old brown coloured books. I had to have it and as it's my birthday next week I couldn't think of a better reason, especially as it's already wrapped up like a little gift!

Ant and Bee is apparently a series of books by Angela Banner who started writing and illustrating them from the very late 50's and then was reproduced during the 90's, but I saw some of the 90's covers via google and they look pretty pants by comparison to my little gem! I really couldn't find much information about Angela Banner and I especially couldn't find information about her earlier books either so I tootled along to the shop today to buy it's ownership. I'm in love :)

Just look at them in their matchbox bed? And isn't Bee's moustache just great?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It's a new year!

So I am wishing you all a very happy New Year and I hope you are enjoying it so far, especially with the snooow!

I have so many new things planned for this year and many of those are going into my shop! To start you all off I have got some new designs ready made as buttons but you'll soon see these over many other items which are still in the making.

My favourite new design is the jellies, which unfortunately haven't photographed very well as button form but I hope I can get some pics to justify their pop party qualities.

I am also going to start yoga next month to bring a bit of peace to my life and some focus perhaps to open my mind and create lots of nice new things, which also brings me to mention I think I have challenged myself to creating an illustration a day to get the ball rolling at least. I'm not sure if i'll be uploading them here, I'm just not sure yet however they are on my flickr at the moment if you'd like to take a peek.