Monday, 12 January 2009

I managed to grab the attention of a local magazine and they have decided they would like to meet with me and do a feature in a magazine! I am quite excited but also a bit scared especially when she mentioned a photographer! I don't mind being photographed but I don't like it either. Haha. And the thought of me posing is really cringe worthy. Who ever said capricorns make good actresses? This one doesn't that is for sure.

I also have some much needed work experience next week thanks to my cousin. And hopefully I will be driving there in my new car, my very first new car, after 4  years of having a driving licence! Yay. Perhaps people might take me a little more seriously now and hopefully accept me into the professional job world. 

However I have been making some new jewellery, some charm necklaces in fact. I decided to dig out all the vintage bits and pieces I had and do what I do best - compile them together! It suddenly clicked that I should combine my own illustration charms with these vintage charms and so this is the first one.

This one is a bit Rococo or Baroque style. I used some vintage shell buttons and vintage beads combined with my ornate frame and cameo illustration charms. I've just ordered some gloss/varnish type stuff as recommended by Pennydog and so I might use that to seal in some vintage images on the frames. I often put something together and take it apart as I have decided to add something to it.

I'll get some of my other charms necklaces on soon!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I'm beavering away making new illustrations today. I'm obviously on a role at the moment with all my wrapping paper. I thought I would make some friendly additions to the fox I created yesterday. He is new one...I have made two others as well but my scanner has a creative mind of it's own and so this is a sneak preview (literally) of another character..

I also made this one...This has to be my favourite of all the pieces I have made. As before these images are solely created from paper, my new ikea wrapping paper features the most. It's just so versatile. I hope to make more today, although I'm getting a head ache and my good ideas are running low!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Hello new year!

I have just made my first ever animal illustration. I'm not really big on people or animals when i'm drawing. I've never felt I had the "cute" or "interesting" factor when portraying them. I always opt for still life as I feel I do those best, but I thought I should at least give it another go. This is my new fox!

I recently bought some fab wrapping paper from Ikea and thought the colours would be great to make a little fox from it. I bought an orange and red patterned one, but I also bought a double sided paper with black and grey stripes on one side and black and grey spots on the other. It is truely amazing! It's an ingenious idea, and I say we all should get some.