Friday, 26 February 2010

Photo tag.

I've been tagged by both Teasemade and Edwina Simone so I shall do two of these, but this is my first installment. This tagging game made me laugh so I had to take part.

Here are the rules of the tagging:
1: open your first photo folder,
2: scroll to the 10th photo,
3: post the story behind it,
4: tag 5 or more people to continue the thread.
So here is my photo...

So the person behind this photo is my boyfriend and his hairy British legs testing out the water at Brighton 2009. Neither of us had ever really visited Brighton but we both loved it, the weather was great while we were there and we even did a bit of swimming in the sea at 9.30am just after some nice duck eggs and soldiers.

I'm not sure who to tag right now since most people have been tagged already so i'll write a list for my next photo.


Friday, 19 February 2010

Belated with love

Sorry for the lack of posts over this valentines week. I made the boyfriends valentines a week before the day and really had to hold myself back from showing you all, but it's here now!

I was quite impressed with myself as I'm not a great sewer or textiles person despite working as a textiles technician, but I think the final piece came out rather well.

It went down well with my boyfriend of what is now 4 years and he has introduced "hot stuff" to all my other handmade valentines gifts.

I hope you like anyway and that you all had a lovely Valentines!

Friday, 5 February 2010

A dream came true.

As I am an avid wearing and creator of quirky and unusual jewellery i've usually seen everything and takes a lot more to get me excited about new pieces nowadays (plus what kind of jewellery don't I have!). Well this change the day I saw a pair of earrings listed on folksy from Steam Punk Glass and that night I actually had a dream about wearing these earrings with a matching beaded necklace too. Well the next day I went back to the site and they'd be sold, but Glenn was more than happy to whip me up another pair and here they are, my very own world studs.

I just love them and my dream literally came true :)