Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Show me your shoes - Magicalice

This weeks shoe exposure is Jennifer at Magicalice.

She says:

"Here are my favourite party shoes...I found these shoes about 4 years ago in Topshop, I remember the day quite clearly as they didn't have my size in stock and I went to every Topshop in Glasgow looking for a pair... I then found them a few days later on ebay still with the stickers on the soles and 3 times less the price. I love these shoes as they are girly but not too pretty, I like the peep toe style and who can resist shiny patent leather!"

I actually really like these, even though I don't usually do black shoes. They look like a perfect height and I can see the shape would just go with loads of things! I sense this young lady might be a tad practical especially with the bargain she grabbed too!

Hear hear for stylish but practical people. My favourite kind!

What do you guys think of these shoes?

If you would like to take part in showing us your favourite shoes please get in touch with a few pics and a short description to the email address on the side ---->

Monday, 27 April 2009


Just 5 bags left now (out of 9).

Go find them here.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Glued and Glittered - Jemima Lumley

I forgot all about this designer until I saw she'd popped up again on another site and so for this weeks glued and glittered I thought I would choose her because she is fabulous. 

Jemima creates such wonderful and whimsical yet substantial silver and gold jewellery. It's funny because I'm not a great of silver jewellery and I'm not a great fan of small pieces either, but I am in love with this small flower ring! I think it just looks so tactile and I just wish I could sell a few more things to justify myself buying it. It is really great value though, at just around £35. I can just picture on my finger, just staring at me with its golden centre, looking sweet and shiny wrapped around my finger. 

Her pendants are just divine too, looking like paper cut outs, all textured and simple. 

You could live with this jewellery forever.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

For Sale

Bags for life (not just for christmas) are now for sale on both Folksy and Etsy for which ever you prefer! Also - newsflash just one tea towel left in charcoal grey. They've only been on sale for 5 days so you better whip this one up and fast!

MORE NEWSFLASH -yellow bird shopper is sold out! Blue birdy to replace it!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

All that glitters - Time for tea towels.

I've been thinking about tea towels a lot recently, especially having some of my own designed. The ideas to go on a tea towel are truly endless. So much space to fill, so many colours to choice from! Where do you start?

Here we have some fabulous tea towels I found on http://www.peepshow.org.uk/peepshop/. They are a collective of designers which also sell some of their designs. I love all the quirky drawings, doodles and bold colours.

The buttons are by Lucy Vigrass, the house and vases by Jenny Bowers and the magpies bye Spencer Wilson. I wish I was like Jenny Bowers!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Show me your shoes - Karen

This week's shoe volunteer is Karen from http://kandpreadme.blogspot.com/.

She says:

"These are my shoes, by Repetto.  I love them and wear them as much as I can.  I think they're the perfect shape for my feet and are flat, flat, flat... just how I like my footwear.  I'm line line for a new pair very, very soon!!  The other feet belong to my husband, who can mostly be found wearing these trainers."

I don't think you can go wrong with classic black pumps that fit your feet!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

They arrived!

My order of screenprinted totes and tea towels have arrive and how I am excited. I love them all and I might have to keep one myself, unless you quickly buy them from me! The tea towels are currently listed in my Folksy shop, but soon to be listed on Etsy along with my bags.

Which one is your favourite?

Friday, 17 April 2009

Fear Not!

I knew you were all watching, and reading just wondered why you weren't commenting! 

But fear not I fixed the problem and it's all free for your comments again.

*sets off sparklers and confetti and cue fan fare*

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Button Mad

I have button blogged by Vintage Violet on this blog http://buttonfloozies.blogspot.com/ and this blog http://maximumrabbitdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/04/glue-and-glitters-amazing-buttons.html.

Thanks vV!


On this dull day I thought I would cheer us all up with some pictures of my new jugs. I purchased them all from antique stores recently and just couldn't resist. I always look at jugs the shapes are just fascinating, are they rounded, are they tall do they have a short spout?If i do ever find just a small piece of space I do think I have it in me gradually build a small collection of jugs. I like lots of vintage kitchenalia but there is something about jugs that look so freshing. They have many uses too! Storing any bits and pieces but also a nice vase for your fresh flowers.

This large jug I bought may not look the most attractive to people, but I just love love love the crackled glaze which has just covered the entire surface as if it is ment to be there. I think it is a well used jug but still it bears no chips or scrapes. I do ponder about the family who once used this jug.

The two other jugs are quite mini and I love the pureness of the one of the left, and the one on the right has a eggshell finish will gloss inside. The fine details are the nicest.

I found the jugs at the bottom on ebay. They are glass jugs. I love glass jugs too, especially when they have been handmade. The glass joints look gloopy, like the sugar before it has hardened to make boiled sweets.

So go on, please go and give an old jug a new home.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Show me your shoes - KatelynJane's

Todays shoes have kindly been donated by Katie over at KatelynJane's notebook.

She says :

"It's finally spring here and I'm able to wear my flats! I found these in Old Navy, Calgary when I was there last and can't get enough of them this year! I love the bright color, it's so primary and that's "in" this year, it seems. And I really like how they go with my skinny jeans...another thing I can't get enough of lately."

I think they look super comfortable, very relaxed but super stylish at the same time. I love yellow too, it is my favourite colour and I'm really down with coloured shoes, black just doesn't do it for me much (apart from the classics, ballet pumps or mary janes). Perfect for spring, I think Spring is my favourite season too, with all the daffs and pansies!

If you would like to show me your shoes, then just send me a pic and a small description along with it to me address, which is right over there on the right side of my blog ---------->

Monday, 13 April 2009

Glued and Glittered-UtterRubbish

For this weeks glued and glittered I found UtterRubbish on Etsy. I found this little shop last night and loved all the mini portrait brooches in there. They are so refreshing with lots of humor but there is also sentiment and nostalgia from the days when they used to rely on mini portraits instead of photographs. In the old days they used to have mini portraits created to send to potential suitors or sailors would carry them of loved ones whilst traveling.

I love UtterRubbish's modern twist by using vivid colours and shapes. The charms also add personality to each portrait, giving you a little story to work with, who they are, what they like. Their little painted faces are just a picture too!

Yep, I really love these!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

All that glitters

Ok so i'm a bit late doing my all that glitters, and I did forgot to do "glued & glittered" this week, and I know i've only just started these regular blogs, but I hope that next week i'll be right on top of it.

So here is my "all that glitters". I bought Elle decoration magazine yesterday and I was really delighted when I saw a page of all illustrated items. This made me feel confident about my work as I had a not so good craft fair on Friday and was beginning to think my items weren't very salable. However I am really pleased to see people like illustrations and are willing to spare a few spaces in their homes for some drawn love. I loved this page from Elle  magazine, looks fun and exciting and I have come across some of the designers before. I am currently in the motions of getting some homeware items into my shops, like tea towels, cups and mugs and tote bags are currently being printed with my cake stand, bird cage and luxury cupcake drawings on then. I think they are going to look super but i'm scared i'll want them all to myself. 

Inspired by this Elle page I have put a page together will all my black and white illustrations on.

P.S. The giveaway going on at Tea for Joy's blog has bought some fantastic comments with creative ideas on what they'd do with my buttons if they had some. Some of the ideas have been putting them on their camera bag, jazzing up some cardigan sleeves and my favourite putting them on a plain pair of ballet pumps. As my buttons have been flying off that shelves I am wondering what you guys have been doing with them all and would like you to send me some pictures so I can post them on my blog and my website to give others some ideas. Thankyou!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Tea time swap!

I did my third swap at the end of March. It was a tea time swap and I just had to get involved. I am tea mad, I love most teas and many of my makes have been tea related so this was right up my street. Vonnie put me with Annie B who was also tea mad, and we seemed like a perfect match. Infact these swaps sometimes are a bit like blind date! 

Well this date/swap went really well and I made some nice things for Annie. I custom made a coaster with a paper cut out of tea cups and spoons. There was some slight spoil from the resin soaking into the paper but I really liked the way it turned out and some coasters are in my factory waiting to be put on Folksy. I also made her some tea time buttons and sent her some prints of my tea time illustrations. Unfortunately due to some morons at the Royal 
Mail Annie B didn't received everything I sent! I am upset for her.

Anyway to the best bit, she send me some amazing things. A soya candle in a vintage tea cup with saucer which was fab, and I light it each night. Just a really nice gift. She also custom made me a tea cosy for my tea pot and it fits perfectly so teapot is very happy and my BF loves it too. I also received lots of nice tea and wrap so I am very grateful it was a brilliant swap.

Go go go!

Giveaway reminder on tea for joy's blog! Get yourselves over there now, leave a comment and you will be in with a chance to win win win! You can win a tree necklace and a set of buttons from my collection. Winner will be drawn on Monday. 

Quick you still have time!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Show me your shoes-Mine!

Here is a picture of my shoes to start off one of my new regular topics. I have lots of shoes, probably like most girls but I chose these ones to show you because they are the ones I have been wearing the most recently. 

They are from Clarks and are a metallic berry purple. I was unsure about the colour of these at first, I usually go for red, but they were in the sale and I swear by Clarks and Jones the Bootmakers shoes. I also think they make my feet look like a size 8 (i'm a size 6 and i've got over that now!). I really like these shoes now and are almost perfect for most task feet have to do. They are brilliant for driving in and are comfortable enough to go for a walk. They are also sparkly enough to jazz up a boring outfit and will always look quirky!

After all this description of reasoning for wearing them, what do you think they say about me?

For next weeks "Show me your shoes" I would like you guys to get involved so please send me a pic of your shoes and why you chose them to show us and why do you like them, or not perhaps? Any shoes will dooo. You can email me at Laura@glueandglitter.co.uk. I will add a link button to my blog soon so you can always see where you send your pics too. 

Giveaway with Tea for Joy

I forgot to post this last night, but I am currently having a giveaway via Tea for Joy's blog! I am giving away a tree necklace and a set of camera buttons for one lucky winner who will be picked at random early next week. Lynne at Tea for Joy has a really nice blog, with lots of interior inspiration and an amazing dose of colour on all her posts and so it's definitely worth a look. 

I must say a big thanks to Lynne for giving me the chance to have a giveaway on her blog and to write such a nice little blurb about me and if you could like to be in with a chance to win, then go over to her blog and comment on what your favourite item of mine is. It is as easy as that! I hope you like the items and they are currently available in my shop if you can't wait. hehe.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Good evening.

Good evening everyone, I thought I would do a quick blog about my new blogging plans. I love reading other peoples blog, especially when they have regular feeds about yummy designs so I thought I would give it ago, and atleast I would have something interesting for you to read!
Ok so these are m plans. I have 3 topics which I would like to cover each week.

1.Glued and glittered-Handmade pick of the week, there is so much talent out there it's only fair! I might even make a little award.
2.Show me your shoes-For everyone to get involved. I want you to email pictures of your shoes, why you like them and what you think they might say about you! I think this could throw up some really interesting characters! I will start off tomorrow blogging about my shoes.
3. All that Glitters-I will probably do this at the end of the week, just a pick and anything I like that I have seen that week, from vintage to print design etc. etc.

In between all of these I will be posting about my making progress, but I hope that these fun topics will inspire you, and especially me as sometimes you can lead yourself down the wrong path.

Thanking you all for your time and I hope to see you tomorrow!