Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Show me your shoes - KatelynJane's

Todays shoes have kindly been donated by Katie over at KatelynJane's notebook.

She says :

"It's finally spring here and I'm able to wear my flats! I found these in Old Navy, Calgary when I was there last and can't get enough of them this year! I love the bright color, it's so primary and that's "in" this year, it seems. And I really like how they go with my skinny jeans...another thing I can't get enough of lately."

I think they look super comfortable, very relaxed but super stylish at the same time. I love yellow too, it is my favourite colour and I'm really down with coloured shoes, black just doesn't do it for me much (apart from the classics, ballet pumps or mary janes). Perfect for spring, I think Spring is my favourite season too, with all the daffs and pansies!

If you would like to show me your shoes, then just send me a pic and a small description along with it to me address, which is right over there on the right side of my blog ---------->

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