Monday, 13 April 2009

Glued and Glittered-UtterRubbish

For this weeks glued and glittered I found UtterRubbish on Etsy. I found this little shop last night and loved all the mini portrait brooches in there. They are so refreshing with lots of humor but there is also sentiment and nostalgia from the days when they used to rely on mini portraits instead of photographs. In the old days they used to have mini portraits created to send to potential suitors or sailors would carry them of loved ones whilst traveling.

I love UtterRubbish's modern twist by using vivid colours and shapes. The charms also add personality to each portrait, giving you a little story to work with, who they are, what they like. Their little painted faces are just a picture too!

Yep, I really love these!

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