Thursday, 10 December 2009

Last purchase date

Hello everyone,

I have been a very busy lady sending off all these fabulous Christmas gifts for everyone. I hope they will like them!

Anyway, so I was going to let you all order right up until the last order date, but as it happens I have heard that the post is being slow already and so to ensure that the item is ready made and posted off in good time to give your gift I have bought the last purchase date to the 16th of December. Yes that's right it is next Wednesday!

Can you believe it is going that quickly?

Well I hope this is ok for everyone and that we can prevent unhappy gift giving.


Friday, 4 December 2009

Just a little update.

Just as Christmas is getting into full swing I am thinking ahead to the new year and dying to get out my new designs! I am really excited about my new designs and I have made some into buttons already, but they will eventually be printed onto lots of things like bags, cards, tea towels etc so look out for them in 2010 when my very own ecommerce website should also be launched. How exciting??

Also, the Folksy shop has been very busy and now I have many things that are now the last one and I won't be printing anymore before xmas so if you are wanting to buy them as a gift, better get them quick! We just have one green tea time kitchen linen left, with all the others limited stock and just one size medium mr.britain blue tshirt and again limited stock on all the others!

And if you haven't got your Christmas cards yet, or need a few more I still have some packs left and now just £5.

Now, must get back to my new designs!

Happy Christmas shopping.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We all drank tea.

And here is some of the tea and goodies received from my Fancy Tea Swap. I think it went very well and everyone seems to enjoy swapping and receiving different tea. I didn't realize so many were into fancy teas like I but now I feel good knowing I am not the only one.

These pictures are not from my swap, but from Natalie Wilson and Dinky Daisy who both swapped with one another!

Unfortunately the swap I received got damaged but it was super fantastic and I will try and repair the china cup which doubled as a candle. Thanks so much Clarabows!

Everyone who took part has been really generous with their swaps and so thankyou all.

I think this little swap does have some more scope as I think teas do collect a lot in the cupboard! So look out for some more tea swaps in the future.