Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Show me your shoes - Johanna

Todays shoes are from the ever so vintage young lady Johanna. She has a fabulous wardrobe and here are her shoes.

She says:

These shoes used to belong to my aunt and I think they were bought in the 70s. They're the perfect pair of espadrilles to me, I've never seen a better looking pair. They're actually a tiny bit too big for me, but I can wear them anyway because of the straps. I've been wearing them since I was twelve or something.

I think the age just shows how charming and wearable vintage items are!

Todays shoes are from the ever so vintage young lady Johanna. She has a fabulous wardrobe and here are her shoes.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Folksy Finds

I love Folksy, but you know i've never blogged about it? Well there is lots of talent on there and these are some of my favs!

From left to right: NelliD - Key to my heart, Midsummer stitches - Scented strawberries, Feltworks - mini black cat, Jude Allman - Raku button.

Giveaway from me!

I've been sorting lots of things out and so I thought I would do a nice giveaway with some of the stuff to all my old and new followers and to celebrate Glue and glitter joining Twitter .

So up for grabs is an

  • A4 canary print - this was a tester print for my tote bags!
  • Pack of 4 tree buttons
  • 10 illustrated cabs - Can be used as pendants or for scrapbooking/card making.
  • 2 sets of vintage buttons studs and a recycled vintage brooch.
  • Finally A4 fabric sample of strawberries- could be used to make a small purse or fabric buttons.

All you need to do is leave a comment below with a valid email address and you have until Thursday 2nd July to enter.

Have a happy Monday!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Blog awards.

Only a few days ago, after never receiving a blog award before I got 3 at the same time! I received one from Oddsox, Beanie hats and finally Innocence jewellery so I must say a very big thank you to you all for your kind words!

Maybe one day I'll get around to handing out some nice awards too!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Shoes Sale!

I have tooo many shoes so I am offering these pairs for sale at just £5 each! They have only been worn once, the buff ones only out in my garden. They are both by Love Label and are a size 6. The top ones are a buff grey and are made with good quality synthetic leather. The cross over at the front are really good for supporting the foot and they have a strong, 1" thick elastic strap to support the back. Great for day and night.

This pair are a light baby pink in a super super soft synthetic leather. They are right on trend with their sweet ruffles and despite their 3" heel they have a 1.5cm platform for easier walking (or dancing). Fab for a night out even to just throw on with some jeans.

Just message me if you would like any of these shoes, or offers for both are welcome.

Chinese anyone?

Today I found these great little one piece chopsticks in a new kitchen shop I found. I love kitchen gadgets especially Alessi ones, and although these aren't the same brand I couldn't resist, even despite being able to use "real" chopsticks.

I also think they might be for children? But who cares when you can eat your noodles in the company of a little sheep, or monkey?

I bought the little white sheep, I thought it was the cutest, but as well as farm animals, you can also get them topped with fish, dinosaurs and zoo animals. You can buy them here in USD but i'm not sure where you can get them from in the UK.

The brand hogwildtoys.com or ideakitchen.com also have really cool stuff like swan shapes 3D ice moulds!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Being a Brit.

I bought this vintage hanky at my local antiques shop. It's such a great little shop with lots and lots of unusual things and all for great value considering their antiques. I never usually have the money (or space) for the things I really want from there, (like this huge, tall 1960's lime green glass vase for just £5) but this is what I bought with just £3.

I really like British things, but I do wish there were more reasons to be a proud Briton. This piece of fabric has 4 messages on each part of the red, Faithful to the Flag, Defense not Defiance, Our King & Country and Be Prepared. They just show how patriotic we used to be and I wish I could have been part of it.

I feel that Britain is rather a confused individual, always trying to be someone else, a different country. We are too concerned about taking on other people's cultures that we have destoyed our own, just leaving binge drinking as our national sport. I would like to exclude Scotland from this, because they seem very patriotic and would rather die by the sword than let go of what being Scottish means.

I do think our country is having an identity crisis and it has such little faith in us Britons. I don't think this sets a good example to our young people. How can you be proud of yourself when the society you live in is continuously thriving to be someone else, something better and something different for the sake of being different?

Well I don't want to be different, I am British and I want to be British. I will be interested in my neighbours and I will visit them and lend them sugar, but at the end of the day I just want to be me, the British person I am.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Eat my words.

One day I shall let it all out!

show me your shoes - Rock my lobsterx

Today Linzi from Rock My Lobsterx is showing us her shoes! She tells me she has accumulated over 200 pairs and these are some of her favourites!

Just the kind of impracticalness we've been after!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Milk bottle vases take 2

I went to a designers market at the Custard Factory in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and although the actual day wasn't that successful I met some fabulous people, one being Lisa from Tigerlily. She is such a fabulous lady and after the day she found me on etsy and asked me to do her some custom milk bottle vases for her birthday party this friday. So I did and I delivered them to get last Sat and she now has sent me a picture of her wonderful decorations.

She really loved them and I am pleased at how well they came out myself!

And I hope she has a fabulous day!

Here Kitty kitty

I am just loving these cute little cat candles, and even crayons! I think the beeswax cats are having a little identity crisis sitting in their nests, but i'll let them off.

They are by Kitty Baby Love and you buy them here .

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Advert swap.

Would you like to swap shop/blog adverts? If so;

1. Take either one of my ads, which ever suits your blog style best, put it on your blog and link it up to www.glueandglitter.co.uk.

2. Then email me your advert to Laura@glueandglitter.co.uk and state the site you would like to link it up to. My prefered blog advert sizes would be 210px X 110px or 150px X 150x. And then I am all ready to add it to my blog, simple!

Friday, 19 June 2009


I keep seeing people wearing this everywhere in blog land and I had never heard of anthropologie before I started blogging. Everyone I see wearing it, looks fabulous and I want a piece of the action so I had a look at their site. I think it's from the USA but they seem to post out to the UK and Europe which is great!

Their site is really nice, with a great friendly ambiance. They have a very very vintage feel which I love and their priced range quite a lot from £20 to £100 so I truly believe there is something for everyone. I hope to get something from them soon and so here are my current favourites. I didn't even get started on the shoes, jewellery and homewares!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


No im not talking about these! I'm talking about Lomo Fisheye cameras, aren't they good fun?

Well I had a request for a fisheye camera illustration and so now I have put some in my my shop for you and perfect for the enthusiasts! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I want to make one of these.

A perfect storage system. And good looking too!

Found here...with many more fancy reclaimed items.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Show me your shoes - Chrissy

We back to the shoes this week and Chrissy has started us off with her bargain!

She says:

"£1 primark shoes - shame on me :( They're actually very cute fake leather with rustic brass buckles so I feel like a really cool librarian :) (and also, no cows had to die, unlike most of my DMs)."

I don't think you can go wrong with £1 shoes, even if they were to do the gardening in!

Get in touch if you would like to show us your shoes!


Whilst I am updating my new Mac, it has given me a tiny bit of thinking time to reminisce about my old one. I miss it already and I actually prefer it to a shiny new one with all the gadgets. It served me well for 4 years through uni and it really never did get a break. Ever.

It is kind of a turning point, or at least I think to leave the past behind and to move forward onto new things. My boyfriend also recently got a new car leaving his bright yellow one behind at the garage. This car also coincides with our time at uni and so bit by bit it is all changing and a new era is coming.

Before I really do see the back of my old mac (most probably to be a sold as parts on ebay) I think it deserves a send off and I found this cute apple pie (get it?) which I think would be perfect bake to celebrate it.

I also found this really cool keyboard for a desktop, a fabulous retro wooden pieces complete with keys styles like scrabble tiles. A genius idea and shows we'll never really give up on classic styling (who can beat some nice wood?).

I'm back!

I had a brief time away trying to revive my old Mac, poor thing. I think it has finally had it's day and I believe I wore it out! Good news is that I have a brand new one, although the funds are really stretched now and selling in my little shop will be full steam ahead.

It has been a frustrating few days, and I have lost a few things despite transferring things to the hard drive. What is most frustrating actually is that you lose all your bookmarks on the internet and I'm having a real battle with flickr to get my signed into my account.

However later on today I shall be having a shoe fest on here as I have many new shoes from kind people to show you all!

Have a good day.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I am tagged.

Today I found that I was tagged by the interesting Zoe over at conversation pieces. These are some very interesting questions and there were so many of hers I agreed with but lets see how this goes.

And here are my answers:
What is your current obsession? Bad but probably very common is buying things online, could be anything from shoes to materials for my shop.
What is your weirdest obsession? Constantly thinking about my packaging for my shop! I really want to jazz it up and think of the most random ideas, whether it be stickers or screen printing my packaging. Also dunking berry rivitas in my tea - sounds horrid i know but they're just great!

Coffee or tea? TEA! I am a total tea person. I love all types of tea and especially black tea and peppermint tea. I used to like coffee although in recent times the smell of stale coffee in offices and other small spaces has put me off.

What’s for dinner? Been in the Birmingham to see Chicago this afternoon so we stopped off at Nando's. My first time there, I had a hot chicken pitta with coleslaw and chips. The hot wasn't as hot as expect so i'm going to brave extra hot next time.

What would you eat for your last meal? OOo..I'm really not sure. I love lots of food, so it would be a hard one. Perhaps I would go for homemade lasagna with salad and tabasco sauce. I would share this meal with my boyfriend and it's pretty hearty, although that is a depressing thought.What was the last thing you bought? I bought some pants today as mine just seem to go walkies a lot and I also bought some fabulous sandals from Clarks yesterday in the sale at just £22.49!

What are you listening to right now? I'm not listening to anything right now, although on an evening I usually listen to Radio 2, Radcliff and Maconnie, they're a funny bunch of northerners (ish) and they really like Tommy Sparks and The Fleet Foxes.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Plain yogurt and pistachio. Not often do you find this in Britain but I've had this combo in Turin and Majorca. Great pair of colours too!

What do you think of the person(s) who tagged you? She seems pretty interesting, we share many similar ideas and she has good decor taste with a sense of humor.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? I fancy going back to Amsterdam as I was thinking about this fab shop I remembered earlier that sold lots of tin things and decorative items from Russia.

Which language do you want to learn? I wish I had learn

French fully, but perhaps any scandinavian language, although I think they sound better speaking english with their crazy accent. I love english spoken with a french accent too! Forget a language I think i'll just learn the accent.

What’s your favorite quote (for now)? “Coincidence is a message sent from truth".

What is your favorite colour? I seriously love all colours as they have their own place in time, moods situations and colour combinations, but I would go for yellow as it usually goes with everything and cheers the place up. A light grey is also a good mixer.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? Practically I have 3 pairs of the same high waisted jeans from Vila, which are the best shape, colour and actually fit my bum, but I also have a dress from the 60's with vases and jugs all over it in reds and oranges. This is really not practical as it doesn't fit but I could never give it away.
What is your dream job? I think Glue and glitter earning a full time wage would be a pretty good dream job. Other than that a detective in the 1920's. So I can wear a cloche hat to look serious.
What is your worst habit? Having square eyes from being on my mac too much, and thinking about things too much. I, like most people need an on and off switch. O and being too practical!
If you had £100 now, what would you spend it on? The practical me would reinvest it into my miniature business to make more things. I guess I am obsessed with that right now, so that should go to the top question. OO actually I had a better idea, I could buy a small shed with a cute window to have as my very own studio, i'm not sure i'd have any change to furnish it though.
Do you admire any one’s style? I probably do, but i'm not sure who's. I quite like Daisy Lowe's style but I don't dress anything like her.
Describe your personal style? Practical! I like to dress nicely, with dresses and frilly tops, but they have to be practical. I very much like vintage clothes and charity shop shopping. I am never stunned by clothes on the highstreet but when you see something good in a charity or vintage shop it's extra good because you know you have to buy it or it'll be gone! That gives me a thrill.
What are you going to do after this? Take my makeup off and slide into bed. I've had a tiring day after walking through the rain from missing the bus (thanks old lady with no teeth) to find someone has jumped in the train track and suspended the trains for hours (thanks whoever you were!).
What are your favourite movies? I love Black Books, Down with Love, Amelie, Aviator, ooo the list could go on. I've only got into films in recent years!
What is your favorite fruit? Green, crunchy apples.
What inspires you? This is was Zoe said and I think I agree with it too "The idea that something can always be made better, that’s there’s a better idea just around the corner…". I'm not competitive with people but just myself and I know I can do things better to beat myself. Both my and my boyfriend like to reflect when we have nice days out together, I think it clears the mine and helps you get to grips with your next idea.
Your favorite book? I wish I was, but i'm not a very bit book person, well reading books anyway so mine will have to be practical. I love my paper engining book, my matisse's paper cut out books and weirdly I have a Nigella Lawson catalogue which is designed and made very well with plenty of fab illustrations in it. I really love it.

Matisse's Cut out
Do you collect something? I don't mean to collect anything but I do like random bits and bobs. If I had space I think I would collect. My boyfriend is a bit of a collector of random things and I think together we would be mad. I reckon we would collect old toys. I quite fancy having them on show in the bathroom for a bit of entertainment.
What is your favorite smell? I love freshly washed clothes and the smell of nice things in the tumble dryer.
What are you most proud of? I am proud of my little sister and my college students who are all fabulous, very hardworking and strong minded. They are all very talented for their age (just 14) and I hope they have all faith in themselves.
How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up? If i have to be up, I am up!
Cats or dogs? Cats, I thing I love cats more than I think. We had a family cat all through my childhood who was lovely, old and very understanding. We now have a cat from over the road who adopted us and he is gorgeous and they are so clean!
What’s your biggest fashion mistake? I used to fancy "skater boys" a lot in my youth and so baggy jeans are not the most flattering item of clothing.
Complete the following: Love is… like a leaf to wrap around you and protect you.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Free range crafters.

Kerry from PennyDog jewellery was having one big bonanza of a competition to celebrate her 199th post and to give a name to her new venture of craft workshops. She recently moved into a bigger place which has given her the space of opportunity to get some workshops going with all different crafts. These workshops will run in evenings and weekends and teach a variety of crafts and skills by a variety of skilled tutors, from my farmhouse home in rural(ish) Leicestershire (So if you are interested in teaching your craft please get in touch with her).

Anyway I am pleased to say that I was the winner with my "Rothley Craft Farm" with a slogan of “Free range contemporary and classic crafts”.

As I am the winner she is creating me a goodie bag of my favourite colour. Although that was a hard choice I went for yellow - thanks Kerry!

If she keeps the name I might be helping her create a great a logo for her handmade hideaway and so perhaps i'll get the cut the ribbon on the opening night! haha.

Good luck with it all Kerry!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

My kind of jewels

Tuesday is usually the day I have "show me your shoes" but unfortunately noone volunteered for this week so it'll have to be a different post. I do hope that someone will send me some shoes as I'd really like to keep doing that feature. The email is Laura@glueandglitter.co.uk so please get in touch with some lovely shoes!

Ok so for todays post I decided I would show the some of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I thought this was quite interesting as I create jewellery myself and I am always intrigued to know what other people's style of jewellery is.

I do love jewellery and have a wide taste, I especially love unusual jewellery created from all different mediums and I have a real weakness for semi precious stones.

This is just a small collections of my fav pieces. Whilst going through them I came across so many items I do really love, each in their own way and most have their very own stories. I realized my boyfriend has bought me some fabulous jewellery too, how sweet of him!

(Left to right:) 1.My own telephone necklace, 2. my own umbrella necklace, 3. Art deco style lalique glass pendant, 4.Vintage dress by Paraphernalia, 5. Lalique glass heart from my 18th birthday.

1. Turquoise necklace from Greece, 2. Swatch apple ring from Amsterdam, 3. Marc jacobs Daisy solid perfume ring, 4. Moss Agate ring (looks like a big lump), 5. (another lump but red) Plastic red ring, 6. Vintage silver and enamel artist palette brooch, 7. Nefetiti pendant (apparently it was a gift from Egypt to my great aunt from her first love in the 50's, but when they split she gave it my nan and then she gave it me!) 8. Swarovski Lemon studs from my boyfriend, 9. Silver mussel pendant from my boyfriend, 10. Fine bone china pansy studs.

*You may need to enlarge the pic to see these in all their glory as some of them look like blobs!

I hope my jewellery gives you a better insight to the person I am and I'd love to see everyone elses jewellery too (just to be nosy), so please feel free to steal this post.