Monday, 15 June 2009


Whilst I am updating my new Mac, it has given me a tiny bit of thinking time to reminisce about my old one. I miss it already and I actually prefer it to a shiny new one with all the gadgets. It served me well for 4 years through uni and it really never did get a break. Ever.

It is kind of a turning point, or at least I think to leave the past behind and to move forward onto new things. My boyfriend also recently got a new car leaving his bright yellow one behind at the garage. This car also coincides with our time at uni and so bit by bit it is all changing and a new era is coming.

Before I really do see the back of my old mac (most probably to be a sold as parts on ebay) I think it deserves a send off and I found this cute apple pie (get it?) which I think would be perfect bake to celebrate it.

I also found this really cool keyboard for a desktop, a fabulous retro wooden pieces complete with keys styles like scrabble tiles. A genius idea and shows we'll never really give up on classic styling (who can beat some nice wood?).

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