Thursday, 25 June 2009

Being a Brit.

I bought this vintage hanky at my local antiques shop. It's such a great little shop with lots and lots of unusual things and all for great value considering their antiques. I never usually have the money (or space) for the things I really want from there, (like this huge, tall 1960's lime green glass vase for just £5) but this is what I bought with just £3.

I really like British things, but I do wish there were more reasons to be a proud Briton. This piece of fabric has 4 messages on each part of the red, Faithful to the Flag, Defense not Defiance, Our King & Country and Be Prepared. They just show how patriotic we used to be and I wish I could have been part of it.

I feel that Britain is rather a confused individual, always trying to be someone else, a different country. We are too concerned about taking on other people's cultures that we have destoyed our own, just leaving binge drinking as our national sport. I would like to exclude Scotland from this, because they seem very patriotic and would rather die by the sword than let go of what being Scottish means.

I do think our country is having an identity crisis and it has such little faith in us Britons. I don't think this sets a good example to our young people. How can you be proud of yourself when the society you live in is continuously thriving to be someone else, something better and something different for the sake of being different?

Well I don't want to be different, I am British and I want to be British. I will be interested in my neighbours and I will visit them and lend them sugar, but at the end of the day I just want to be me, the British person I am.

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