Saturday, 27 June 2009

Chinese anyone?

Today I found these great little one piece chopsticks in a new kitchen shop I found. I love kitchen gadgets especially Alessi ones, and although these aren't the same brand I couldn't resist, even despite being able to use "real" chopsticks.

I also think they might be for children? But who cares when you can eat your noodles in the company of a little sheep, or monkey?

I bought the little white sheep, I thought it was the cutest, but as well as farm animals, you can also get them topped with fish, dinosaurs and zoo animals. You can buy them here in USD but i'm not sure where you can get them from in the UK.

The brand or also have really cool stuff like swan shapes 3D ice moulds!

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  1. Yeah - they're groovy! My sis sent me a packet of 'bag worms' last week! Sounds gross but they're brightly coloured silicone ties for bags or meat (instead of fiddling about with bits of string) and they're washable and re-usable. They're by La Cuisine