Friday, 5 June 2009

Free range crafters.

Kerry from PennyDog jewellery was having one big bonanza of a competition to celebrate her 199th post and to give a name to her new venture of craft workshops. She recently moved into a bigger place which has given her the space of opportunity to get some workshops going with all different crafts. These workshops will run in evenings and weekends and teach a variety of crafts and skills by a variety of skilled tutors, from my farmhouse home in rural(ish) Leicestershire (So if you are interested in teaching your craft please get in touch with her).

Anyway I am pleased to say that I was the winner with my "Rothley Craft Farm" with a slogan of “Free range contemporary and classic crafts”.

As I am the winner she is creating me a goodie bag of my favourite colour. Although that was a hard choice I went for yellow - thanks Kerry!

If she keeps the name I might be helping her create a great a logo for her handmade hideaway and so perhaps i'll get the cut the ribbon on the opening night! haha.

Good luck with it all Kerry!


  1. Hey. I've tagged you... visit my blog to find your questions... looking forward to reading your answers ;)

  2. hi there - great blog! and what are you doing with all the shoes? :) you got me intrigued ;) Your jewelry from the previous post is just great - totally different from anything else I have seen on blogs. Would love to hear from you - come to visit ;)

  3. great answers!! i'll try to do it soon but i've got lots on at the moment so sorry if i don't get around to it :)