Tuesday, 2 June 2009

My kind of jewels

Tuesday is usually the day I have "show me your shoes" but unfortunately noone volunteered for this week so it'll have to be a different post. I do hope that someone will send me some shoes as I'd really like to keep doing that feature. The email is Laura@glueandglitter.co.uk so please get in touch with some lovely shoes!

Ok so for todays post I decided I would show the some of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I thought this was quite interesting as I create jewellery myself and I am always intrigued to know what other people's style of jewellery is.

I do love jewellery and have a wide taste, I especially love unusual jewellery created from all different mediums and I have a real weakness for semi precious stones.

This is just a small collections of my fav pieces. Whilst going through them I came across so many items I do really love, each in their own way and most have their very own stories. I realized my boyfriend has bought me some fabulous jewellery too, how sweet of him!

(Left to right:) 1.My own telephone necklace, 2. my own umbrella necklace, 3. Art deco style lalique glass pendant, 4.Vintage dress by Paraphernalia, 5. Lalique glass heart from my 18th birthday.

1. Turquoise necklace from Greece, 2. Swatch apple ring from Amsterdam, 3. Marc jacobs Daisy solid perfume ring, 4. Moss Agate ring (looks like a big lump), 5. (another lump but red) Plastic red ring, 6. Vintage silver and enamel artist palette brooch, 7. Nefetiti pendant (apparently it was a gift from Egypt to my great aunt from her first love in the 50's, but when they split she gave it my nan and then she gave it me!) 8. Swarovski Lemon studs from my boyfriend, 9. Silver mussel pendant from my boyfriend, 10. Fine bone china pansy studs.

*You may need to enlarge the pic to see these in all their glory as some of them look like blobs!

I hope my jewellery gives you a better insight to the person I am and I'd love to see everyone elses jewellery too (just to be nosy), so please feel free to steal this post.


  1. Hmm... getting a little insight to what your taste in jewellery, no doubt!

  2. BTW, I've just given you an award! I hope you can find the time to "enjoy" this award: http://juanitatortilla.blogspot.com/2009/06/one-lovely-blog-award.html

    Hear from you soon!

  3. Sweet post Laura. I was actually thinking of sending you some shoes the other day – got a whole lot out of the big packing boxes but then realised I would have to dust or look like a complete skank if I sent them to you!

    Love Paraphernalia too – and love the story behind the Nefetiti pendant. I feel a future post based on your post coming on! :)

  4. I love the Paraphernalia necklace in the first photo! I've never seen anything like it.