Friday, 24 April 2009

Glued and Glittered - Jemima Lumley

I forgot all about this designer until I saw she'd popped up again on another site and so for this weeks glued and glittered I thought I would choose her because she is fabulous. 

Jemima creates such wonderful and whimsical yet substantial silver and gold jewellery. It's funny because I'm not a great of silver jewellery and I'm not a great fan of small pieces either, but I am in love with this small flower ring! I think it just looks so tactile and I just wish I could sell a few more things to justify myself buying it. It is really great value though, at just around £35. I can just picture on my finger, just staring at me with its golden centre, looking sweet and shiny wrapped around my finger. 

Her pendants are just divine too, looking like paper cut outs, all textured and simple. 

You could live with this jewellery forever.

Have a happy weekend!


  1. These are just so sweet! I also love the flower ring! Its so dainty and delicate!