Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Show me your shoes-Mine!

Here is a picture of my shoes to start off one of my new regular topics. I have lots of shoes, probably like most girls but I chose these ones to show you because they are the ones I have been wearing the most recently. 

They are from Clarks and are a metallic berry purple. I was unsure about the colour of these at first, I usually go for red, but they were in the sale and I swear by Clarks and Jones the Bootmakers shoes. I also think they make my feet look like a size 8 (i'm a size 6 and i've got over that now!). I really like these shoes now and are almost perfect for most task feet have to do. They are brilliant for driving in and are comfortable enough to go for a walk. They are also sparkly enough to jazz up a boring outfit and will always look quirky!

After all this description of reasoning for wearing them, what do you think they say about me?

For next weeks "Show me your shoes" I would like you guys to get involved so please send me a pic of your shoes and why you chose them to show us and why do you like them, or not perhaps? Any shoes will dooo. You can email me at Laura@glueandglitter.co.uk. I will add a link button to my blog soon so you can always see where you send your pics too. 

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