Sunday, 12 April 2009

All that glitters

Ok so i'm a bit late doing my all that glitters, and I did forgot to do "glued & glittered" this week, and I know i've only just started these regular blogs, but I hope that next week i'll be right on top of it.

So here is my "all that glitters". I bought Elle decoration magazine yesterday and I was really delighted when I saw a page of all illustrated items. This made me feel confident about my work as I had a not so good craft fair on Friday and was beginning to think my items weren't very salable. However I am really pleased to see people like illustrations and are willing to spare a few spaces in their homes for some drawn love. I loved this page from Elle  magazine, looks fun and exciting and I have come across some of the designers before. I am currently in the motions of getting some homeware items into my shops, like tea towels, cups and mugs and tote bags are currently being printed with my cake stand, bird cage and luxury cupcake drawings on then. I think they are going to look super but i'm scared i'll want them all to myself. 

Inspired by this Elle page I have put a page together will all my black and white illustrations on.

P.S. The giveaway going on at Tea for Joy's blog has bought some fantastic comments with creative ideas on what they'd do with my buttons if they had some. Some of the ideas have been putting them on their camera bag, jazzing up some cardigan sleeves and my favourite putting them on a plain pair of ballet pumps. As my buttons have been flying off that shelves I am wondering what you guys have been doing with them all and would like you to send me some pictures so I can post them on my blog and my website to give others some ideas. Thankyou!

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