Thursday, 16 April 2009


On this dull day I thought I would cheer us all up with some pictures of my new jugs. I purchased them all from antique stores recently and just couldn't resist. I always look at jugs the shapes are just fascinating, are they rounded, are they tall do they have a short spout?If i do ever find just a small piece of space I do think I have it in me gradually build a small collection of jugs. I like lots of vintage kitchenalia but there is something about jugs that look so freshing. They have many uses too! Storing any bits and pieces but also a nice vase for your fresh flowers.

This large jug I bought may not look the most attractive to people, but I just love love love the crackled glaze which has just covered the entire surface as if it is ment to be there. I think it is a well used jug but still it bears no chips or scrapes. I do ponder about the family who once used this jug.

The two other jugs are quite mini and I love the pureness of the one of the left, and the one on the right has a eggshell finish will gloss inside. The fine details are the nicest.

I found the jugs at the bottom on ebay. They are glass jugs. I love glass jugs too, especially when they have been handmade. The glass joints look gloopy, like the sugar before it has hardened to make boiled sweets.

So go on, please go and give an old jug a new home.

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  1. Ah, I am a fan of jugs too. I have a fair number but can never resist looking at new or vintage ones when browsing. My mum often comments on it!!