Friday, 2 January 2009

Hello new year!

I have just made my first ever animal illustration. I'm not really big on people or animals when i'm drawing. I've never felt I had the "cute" or "interesting" factor when portraying them. I always opt for still life as I feel I do those best, but I thought I should at least give it another go. This is my new fox!

I recently bought some fab wrapping paper from Ikea and thought the colours would be great to make a little fox from it. I bought an orange and red patterned one, but I also bought a double sided paper with black and grey stripes on one side and black and grey spots on the other. It is truely amazing! It's an ingenious idea, and I say we all should get some.


  1. I like him! Brilliant idea with the wrapping paper, I would never have thought of it:)

  2. He is great, what lovely paper!