Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Must be love

I guess my new years resolution this year was to draw more.

I'd love to get my work published and I love creating cards and stationary so i'm not quite sure why I slowed the pace down.

Well I am keeping to my resolution and I've started drawing almost everyday, something new at least and I have been churning out some things I am quite pleased with including this wedding invitation design. I used to draw like this a lot, but then stopped a bit but I love creating all the tiny images as every time you look you at it you see something new!

I might even make some of the drawings into buttons for wedding favors or napkin decoration.

Anyone having a wedding? We can pretend can't we?


  1. Hi, I've awarded you with a blog award!
    Find out more here :)

  2. Ooo yay draw more, draw more! This is really cute.

  3. Shame, my friend is getting married but she did her invites already :-( otherwise I would of recommended this lovely card!
    I wish I had the discipline to draw everyday like you do!
    PS. I also gave you a sunshine blog award! It appears you may have two ...Xx

  4. wow you are so talented! wish I could draw like that!
    love your blog everything is so pretty, especially that banner :D