Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I want to blog about my owl swap which i'm just finishing and my button swap which I sent off today, but I don't want to reveal anything as news travels fast and before you know it the surprise will be over!

I was really pleased with my buttons, i have my photos ready an waiting to post on here when my partner has received them. It made me think about making more buttons in the future as I guess you could use them for almost anything, card, jewellery, clothes, toys. That got me thinking about other things in general that I could make from my illustrations, like magnets and decorations. I'm not really sure if these sell, but some people could let me know what they think anyway!

Back to my jewellery, I custom made this a few days ago for a friends mum's birthday. She has a decorating shop called Colourworld and I made this little brooch for her. I love it, it's so geeky. She loves pinks and purples and so this was a great opportunity to colour the paint pink and have a sparkly purple jewel. I hope she likes it, but her birthday isn't until march so we won't find out yet.
Just to let you know too I've relisted a tea set necklace on Etsy as my first one went pretty quickly.

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  1. A button swap! Cannot wait to see what you sent! Love your brooch and necklace!