Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mr britain wants to come and stay with you!

Now my shop is up and running and I have started to blog again (hurrah) and so I thought maybe I should give you guys a giveaway for the chance to win one of my new designs.... Mr Britain!

Mr Britain would like to come and stay with you, and he can be yours with just one condition. In return for winning Mr Britain I am very gratefully asking you, the lucky person to do a photo diary of you and him and the adventure you go on within the week. This only has to be a couple of photos and a quick description so we can read all about it on my blog at a later date. We all want to see what he gets up to, so I hope the winner will be a dedicated one. It would be fabulous if he gets to go on holiday, or on a special museum trip.

I hope you'll all want to take part as it is as simple as commenting this post until the Monday 5th of October and any tweets about this will also get extra entries (just remember to comment below to say you've tweeted and also add @shedraws to the tweet). Also please leave an email address with your comment so I can contact you when the winner is drawn.

Open to all folk in the UK and overseas.



  1. Great idea! I would love to take Mr Britain out and about, to see the sights :)

    Helen (Storeyshop)

  2. I saw your giveaway on Folksy,very exciting!! Please count me in and I promise to take Mr. Britain on a few jaunts!

    My address is clare marriott 79 at hotmail . com.

  3. Wow - I love Mr Britain! Count me in :o)

  4. yeah, id take him to an art gallery or sumthing. i think he'd like that :)

  5. Don't forgot to leave an email address especially if you don't have a link to your blog.

    I'm impressed will all these fancy places!

  6. I just tweeted about your giveaway and added him to Giveaway HQ! - I'm haptree at yahoo dot com should I be lucky enough to win!

  7. Great idea! I'll take him for a slap up meal and a trip to the cinema! I haven't had a date for ages!
    amyetchells @ hotmail dot com

  8. I'll happily take the wee chap out for a dander. We're planning a trip on the train (of all things) to the Ulster Museum and Botanic Gardens but not until the end of October because its getting a facelift at the minute:)

    seethewoods (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Wow!!! I really really would love a Mr Britain of my very own to keep my homesickness in France at bay! I would take him to visit all of Lyon's finest attractions (I think he would like the museum of miniatures best) and judging by his monocle I'm sure he'd offer some intellectual advice at my French uni.

    Also off to Twitter about this...

  10. We would do lots of lovely things together. :)


  11. Loved your idea! I invite you to take a look at the contest we have at http://sweetblogchria.com. I'd love seeing you there ;)

  12. oh my! i know that Mr. Britain and I would have a fabulous time :D


  13. just wondering if this is only UK or open international is so I'm in and Mr Britain can come live with us and perhaps we can take a trip back to his homeland one day


  14. Oh Mr Britain how I love you so. When your city weary feet need a place to stop, come and dip your toes into the sea here in Dorset. I promise that you will still be able to get your copy of the times and english breakfast tea. And as a extra special treat there will be crumpets with honey.


  15. Oh he's fab! I love his nifty moustache!! (I'm also loving the new shop and blog look!!) Where would I take Mr Britain? I think he looks like the kind of gentleman that likes a stroll in the park... followed by tea on the ceiling! (For some reason it's making me think of Mary Poppins!)


  16. wow this is awesome - i'd love to take Mr Britain on a high brow British adventure or two! I'm formulating plans as we speak.... I think he'd get on very well with my friend Earl Grey!


  17. I reckon Mr Britain would love a wee trip to Scotland to stay with me. I'd take him for a night out in Glasgow, a hike up a mountain, a spot of shopping in Perth, a visit to Stirling Castle, go buy some shortbread with him, pick a tartan for him so he can get a wee kilt made hehe, I'm sure he'd have lots of fun :)


    Glitterysah x

  18. if I was the lucky lady to whisk mr britain away, I would take him under my wing & together we would formulate many a plan. we would discuss & investigate cat communication methods over a spot of tea & perhaps how to get jessica flethcher to date him.

    Abbi x

  19. I love Mr Britain and am going to Mallorca in October.I would love to show him around.

  20. Oooo I do love him... I'm already thinking about where to take him! Will tweet about it now too :D

    Love Dollipops


  21. Sounds like lots of fun, Mr Britain could come to work with me and helpf figure out how to save the Orangutans? he looks full of ideas!

  22. ahhh im so in love with that necklace it makes me long to be living in london again you have a great shop i twittered this and also am now following you on twitter.
    my email is thefancyladygourmet@yahoo.com

  23. Hoo, I'd take him to work to meet lots of Chelsea Pensioners and have his photo taken with Charless II!!!

    Will tweet about it tout de suite...

  24. ooh mr britain do be a gentlemen and graant me my wish.. your looking awfully pale behind that moustache of yours.. why a little bi of sun, sand and coffee wouldn't huurt you one bit!


  25. I love this piece!! So British :D

  26. ooh please enter me, I am just off to tweet about the comp to my friends :-)


  27. Aw I love Mr Britain <3 :D Ive re-tweeted so please enter me :)


  28. I'd like Mr Britain to escort me round London and hopefully find a daper hat like his for me to wear too! I'd love a little matching bowler with Mr B!


  29. i love mr britain as well

  30. I'd love Mr Britain to meet all the international peeps coming to visit my work site over the next few weeks, he would be the perfect rep for our country!

    RT'd as @Girlyougotstyle

  31. Silly Silky forgot to leave her email addy: silkyprudence@gmail.com

  32. I would like to take Mr Britain to a dinner dance with me.

    Tweeted @sherieannb


  33. http://twitter.com/kohsamui14/status/4611969382
    tweeted @kohsamui14
    how about a magical trip to Florida and Magic Kingdom followed by a rollercoaster ride at Busch Gardens... flights booked seats reserved!
    pack your toothbrush and climb on board.

  34. oops email addy krosie100@googlemail.com

  35. perhaps Mr Britain would escort me on a jaunt in the woods, marvelling at the autumnal sights, before returning to the homestead for a spot of tea and cake.


    I tweeted as ImHooped, but stupidly forgot to tweet until earlier on...so not very helpful!