Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Shop Handmade feature

A lovely lady from Shop Handmade UK asked me to be a featured seller for this month. I was very flattered and it tied in just in time for my name swap over and so here is the article.

It's the first real interview/feature I have done so far because as I am a fairly new seller I wanted to sort myself out properly with nice stock and new items etc before I start chatting away, but now I think I am ready to embrace the crafting world for real and hopefully I will get the opportunity to do some more interviews. Can I call myself a real designer now??

I hope you find this feature on Shop Handmade UK useful as I have given a few tips on what I think works for my sales, mainly having fabulous branding. If you would like some more advice on branding or the design of your shop/blog or anything else then please leave me a comment.

Don't forget my giveaway either!

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  1. Wow this is great! Congratulations. Really good advice in interview too.