Sunday, 27 September 2009

Simply She Draws.

Some of you may have already notice a change in my blog layout and also my twitter name, so now is time to reveal that I am not longer selling under the name of Glue and Glitter, but now, simple, She Draws.I also haven't blogged for a loooong time, but I have been preparing new stock ready for my name and shop change over. Maybe I shall give you a bit of a update to why I have gone ahead and changed my name...

When I first started making some things to sell, I had no idea that I would head in a direction and I also had no idea to the vast amount of handmade designers and artists out there. I started creating things from recycled bits of jewellery and buttons I already owned but soon after I was inspired by all you designers and wanted to put the designer in me to the test. I started to experiment with lots of things and how I could use my illustrations to wear as jewellery. I discovered plastic and resin and started making. Some of my designs became popular with you guys and you always gave me confidents in my drawings. Naturally not everyone wanted jewellery which lead me to make yet more different things such as tote bags, tea towels and cards, these were still just trials. I felt like although I was making progress as a designer I was still selling under the name which wasn't what intended for my new ideas and this brought me to think of a new name which had a clear focus in what I wanted to make. And so here we have the new shop She Draws.

Finding a name to suit is damn hard. I did lots of research on everyone else's and you all have such good names which made it even harder. After lots of thought and procrastinating I finally came to the decision (with the help of the BF) to settle for She Draws. She Draws is simply what I do :).

I hope you like my new name and please go and have a look at my new shop or visit my temporary website which is currently being built into a fabulous emporium by my good friend Katie.

Here are just a few of my new designs and products. Enjoy!


    I love the new name and I'm so glad to see you back in blogging land.
    I also remembered about our project the other day... does this new name mean we're back on track? I do hope so!

  2. great to see your new online persona, did you realise that your now considered a new seller by folksy, and so have your items featured in the new sellers section?

    interesting thats happens (i'm not sugesting you knew, just letting you know it's happened)

  3. fabulous name ! and I love love love the red and white stripes ! all the best for your business !!

  4. i like.. i like!! good luck with everything :)

  5. Practically perfect in every way! It suits your style so well xx

  6. Love your new name! I can't wait to see more of your new designs and also your blog - good luck missy!!

    Glitterysah x

  7. Love the new logo and name - best of luck with the re-launch! G

  8. Thanks everyone. I missed some of these comments before but they're all so nice. Thank you again!