Sunday, 30 August 2009

Teddy Tells You...

These are what I got from the local bootsale this morning. I tried not to buy anything but I bought these two vintage books, some dvd's and some fab buttons.

I couldn't resist Teddy so I picked him up for just 50p. It's a bit battered and it has some additional colouring on the illustration (courteous of a a small child I imagine) but I just loved all the little drawings of Teddy. This edition was called "Teddy Tells You...How To Be Safe" so it's full of all little rhymes and poems about crossing the road and playing safe. I think it was published some time after the war in the 50's.

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  1. How cute! I really want to go to a bootsale soon ( or the fleas as they call them in France!)

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