Sunday, 23 August 2009

Knocking at 78.

78 Derngate that is, the previous home of Bassett Lowke and his wife, but decorated by the quite unpopular at the time, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. After being at uni in Northampton for 3 years I never went, until now, after I have finished. Better late than never I guess.

Anyway tucked away, disguised inside a victorian 3 storey terraced house lies a magical land of design. It is so fabulous, you just wouldn't believe what is behind that black door. The whole places was designed with Rennie Mackintosh (or in the case of some rooms, his advice) and most items were handcrafted especially for the occasion.

The interior, is laden with Mackintosh's love for squares and super modernist flowers and triangles. It's a small place, but is especially convenient with mod cons such as mock mosaic tile wall paper in the bathroom and huge trellis style stair bannisters cleverly disguised as hand rails. It is just so surprising to see, it really did take my breath away and actually made me think twice about using black in a interior, which to my own surprise looked so cosy and calm and what I imagine would be such a tranquil place to live.

Unfortunately no pictures were allowed and so I had to borrow these ones from the internet. Even the website doesn't supply you with any, just a 3D tour, but I hope I have assured you that any time you might be passing through Northampton town please stop off and see this grand design. The food must be good too as the somewhat small restaurant was full up to the point they had no room for us to eat. Next time maybe, and I'll make the visit in time for tea too!


  1. We were next to each other on the front page of folksy when I signed in!

    Glad you got the fabric... hope we'll be able to start on our project soon!

    Went to an amazing 1930s themed restaurant in London just before I left. I'll put up photos soon, I think you and Charles Rennie would love it.

  2. I love Mackintosh, so enjoyed reading this, and the pics, lovely blogx

  3. Thanks for the comment!

    There are lots of cabled projects in the book, more unusual ones than standard cable jumpers though. It's a fantastic book, with everything from a fair isle skating dress to a table mat made of parcel string!


  4. wow. that looks spectacular. i'd love to have a nose around there. the front door is jaw-droppingly beautiful.

  5. Never knew Mackintosh had designed in Northampton! Must put that on my to-do list