Monday, 28 September 2009

Mr. Wick's Candy shop.

Since I have been updating and sorting out my shop I have not been blogging very much and so I forgot to finish off telling you all about my sister's new shop she has opened. I showed you the design and I hope you were excited about it because now Mr. Wick is open for business on Folksy and selling all sorts of fabulously scented candles in vintage tins, glass, teacups etc.

At the moment she has a few for sale that are scented with bubblegum, candy floss and banana. They are so yummy you feel like tasting them and she has been seeking out some of the best vintage tins. She uses a soy wax which is really nice and soft and melts at lower temperature so you can reuse all the vessels as the wax is easy to clean and doesn't leave a smokey mess and also you can use the wax to moisturize your skin. She made some little soy melts which you can use in a oil burner to let off the scent or as a mini, travel moisturizer (that's how we have been using them!).

Here are a selection of her range on sale, but I must warn you that as they are vintage cups and tins they are limited edition and so when they're gone they're gone!

You can find her shop here.


  1. I love these vintage looking candles. Nothing like a great scented candle.

  2. i loove the mustard candle.. i want!!
    and the cupcake pattern youre using for display - so cuute! i heart it

  3. What a great way to re-use old tins! Wonderful!