Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Owl swappzies

This is bit of a late post, but better late than never!

I received a really great swap from Karly! She made me a little fabric owl pouch that was filled with nice turkish delight. Yum yum, it is a depleting collection of Turkish delight. She also send me some really great patterned papers, which I love and have now been added to my collection. And finally she send me a owl lolly mould! Great for making chocolate lollies. Karly also adorned the box with all sorts of owl images which were really sweet. 

As this was my first swap I wasn't really sure how much stuff to send and after receiving all these great goodies I felt so bad! I hope I made it up with some chocolate owl lollies which I sent her after!

The reason this post was so late was because I went away to Turin as a late birthday present from my boyfriend. We had a great time seeing all the old Rococo and baroque architecture there. I will post some pics soon and i'm sure artwork will follow once I have caught up on everything!

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  1. I love owls!! Looking forward to seeing your photographs from Turin.