Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A new face....

Rachel behind Glamglass gifts recently asked me to help out with freshening up her identity. She makes lots of nice jewellery things, mostly glass pendants and accessories. She made some amazing glass sculptures (that remind me of the shape of coral reefs) and she wanted these to represent her shops, so I helped her transform her ideas into a logo and banner for her. This logo was based on my favourite of her glass sculptures - with embedded colourful millefiore glass it was perfect because of the bright and interesting shapes. I hope that this logo and banner shows her unique and funky side which is reflected in her patternations and colour combos fused inside the glass. If you would like to see these logos in action, pop over to or find her on folksy!

And please remember that if anyone is in need of a little design help, then I would be happy to take that job under my wing and so just get in touch!


  1. Just seen this on Rachel's blog, it looks really good. :)

  2. Oh, awesome job, these look fantastic.

  3. love these - beautiful work