Thursday, 13 May 2010

Having a sew

My regular blog readers will know that a few months ago I bought myself a mini John Lewis sewing machine and many of you emailed and commented to see how it was going. Well anyway after a while I finally got it out and did something serious with it and decided on customising a top I hope in a fab colour.

The shirt was a bit like this to start with (please note not my image, but silly me didn't think to take a pic of before).

My shirt is quite a thick cotton material that had a tie at the top but kind of sat weird due to the weight of the fabric, unlike the one above. Anywho, it was a great colour and too good to give away so I though I would take the tie off and add a collar. The collar was created from an old lambs wool/angora wool top that had shrunk in the wash so it was snipped up and whizzed round the machine on a zig zag setting.

It was close to being finished, but not quite so I decided on Teasemading it up. Sami, from Teasemade very kindly created me some hand stitched buttons in a Grayson Perry fabric and matching raspberry thread. She is so super and it all matches perfectly.

Here is the final thing!

Can you see those cute little button fellas?

I should also add that for a sewing novice it was a super machine!


  1. That looks great, the button just finish it off, looks like you'll be doing more sewing in the future!

  2. Excellent! Really love the collar, cute texture detail... the buttons aren't bad either ;) Glad we went for the colour match, works perfect. It really does look ACE and you wear it well my dear xx

  3. are a novice? very nice.....very very nice.....

  4. It's must be rather talented :D