Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A gift for you

Here I have a little gift for you! It's a vintage telegram, which once was a telegram to congratulate my mum & her brothers birth. I scanned this in an cleaned it up so we can all have some telegram love so you can just take it off my blog and get writing a telegram to your friends!

This wonderful design of birds and owls is a by Barbara Jones, who designed all sorts of other wonderful illustrations back in the 50's & 60's.

Also, I hope you're liking my new blog layout, I decided to go back to "draw glue glitter make" since I now have my She Draws shop, but also my freelance illustrations as Laura Figiel and this will be a great grounding for inbetween both these projects. I think it has given me some direction too as i'm a bad blogger :(

P.S I'm giving lots of goodies away with sales in my Folksy shop for very nearly reaching 300 sales. I'm just two away and I will be giving goodies away with sales upto 300 but also a few after to keep the buzz! There are some tshirt bargain too.


  1. What a sweet way of sending a message, thanks for sharing it.
    I love the new blog layout, how do you get 3 columns like that?

  2. That is too adorable...wot a sweet idea.

    And a big thank you for recommending me for the Shop Talk on the Folksy Blog (I had to twist Hilary's arm to tell me who had been so kind!). Mucho appreciatoed amigo x

  3. Hi, yes, the apple tea is made off dried apples i think! Cheers, karlita