Monday, 8 November 2010

Fancy Tea Swap 2010

So it seems to be that about this time last year I threw my very first swap which happened to be a fancy tea swap and a very fancy one at that. I know lots of my twitterers and blog followers love tea and so lets hope we'll make another sucessful swap this year. I think this is a great swap, because for tea lovers which is minimal effort but lots to gain!

To be part of my swap all you have to do is:

  • Love tea.
  • Love trying different tea.
  • Email me over your name & address & the teas you have tried before to shedraws[at]
  • Send at least 5 different tea bags or loose leaf tea samples to your swapping partner.
  • A tea related extra of low value like stickers, card, tags or anything you'd like to make etc.
  • And finally enjoy!
This swap is open until 15th November to sign up and then until the 30th of November to send out the tea.



  1. Lovely, I need a little tea education I've only tried the basics in what you'd call TEA and I tend to only adventure into tasty herbal wonderland so I'd love to play... however tea makery and pretties I can certainly do.

  2. Oh yay fun! I'll have to spread the word :)

  3. Huzzah! Will email you asap with all the required bits & pieces. (& of course spread the word ;) x

  4. I'm gonna email you. Can you believe I was walking home thinking of a tea/hot drink swap? This came up at the right time!

  5. This is fab, i'm doing a swap already this month, but i'm sure I can fit this one in too!

  6. Eek, almost forgot to email you - will do so now! x

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