Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's a gift.

Christmas is actually on it's way and it is already getting busier for me so to get ahead of the game I decided on making some xmas tags for my gifts to everyone.

I made these cute low cost mini tags using my doily buttons , some recycled gold and metallic red card (actually from easter) and a bit of ribbon. I was so pleased that my doily buttons made the most perfect design for christmas wrapping. They add to the gift so nicely and is an extra little festive gesture to the receiver. The buttons would also work really well sewn on table place names for Christmas dinner!


  1. Very sweet - like the colours you've used too. I'm just finishing up my Christmas cards! G

  2. Such a cute idea! Gosh haven't even thought what I'm going to buy people, let alone tags yet!

    P.S. I have awarded the (somewhat dubious) blog award... Shoulda Been A Stripper! Because you rock x

  3. Those packages are absolutely gorgeous! I love wrapping presents. It's really fun to do crazy wrapping styles at Christmas :-) I know what I'll be using my old buttons for this year...
    Thanks for the great idea! Xx

  4. wow! lovely. you're so clever AND organised.