Monday, 2 November 2009

Me and Mr. Britain.

Here is me and my very own Mr. Britain tshirt. Not sure I do it any justice! But hey, it feels comfortable, nice colour for autumn and is great fun to wear.

I haven't started making ladies tee's yet so as you might have guessed this is a mens, but looks good as an oversized tee.

O yes and either indulge yourself in the christmassy background or ignore it if you're not quite ready for the festive season yet. haha.


  1. It's a good look. I like it. I especially like the addition of the plaid/tartan shirt. Very nice.

  2. Nice colour and matching with the shirt.
    You suit green :)

  3. fantastic bracelet !! is that one of your designs,too ?

  4. awesome shirt. ditto on the bracelet props!

  5. I love Mr Britain (don't let any politicians get hold of him!)

    PS. I just passed on the 'Kreativ blogger' award to you! Check here to collect it

  6. You look so cute!

    I have been requested by the other half to ask when you are doing more t-shirts designs. I really wasn't kidding when I said Mr Britain was his fav tee now! (Please do some... just so he'll stop asking me!!)