Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fancy Tea Swap

Hello everyone,

Today I have decided to throw my first every swap. And of course it had to be tea related!

So here we are with the Fancy Tea Swap.

I love trying all types of tea, but I can't buy them all and I never know whether I would like them or not, so I thought this would be the perfect swap for me and like minded folks.

I know there are lots of swaps going around at the moment especially xmas ones, but this swap is really really super easy and not much effort required but lots to gain.

To be part of my swap all you have to do is:

  • Love tea.
  • Love trying different tea.
  • Email me over your name & address & the teas you have tried before to shedraws[at]
  • Send at least 5 different tea bags or loose leaf tea samples to your swapping partner.
  • A tea related extra of low value like stickers, card, tags etc.
  • And finally enjoy!
This swap is open until 4th November to sign up and then until the 14th of November to send out the tea.

Yay! I can't wait.


  1. oh wow this is such a great idea!!!! i am sending this round to some friends too!

  2. What a beautTEAful idea! We can't wait either x

  3. What a fab idea e mailing you now:-)

  4. Oh how I wish I wasn't so pathetically allergic to caffeine. This swap is such a wonderful idea. I hope everyone will show off what they got so I can enjoy vicariously.

  5. Loving the graphics, I'm a boring tea gal ... builders brew, peppermint, camomile and rooibosh and that's about it! Earl Grey - eeew yuk yuk barf barf, lapsang suchong (can't spell) tastes like the smell of hospitals and green tea and fruit teas make my tongue go funny.

  6. Hello hello, just popping by to say what smashing things you make! Love the idea of a teabag swap too...can I join in? Sending my details now!

  7. Oh shame I have missed this! It's such a good idea. Can't wait to see all of the different teas people come up with. I have been drinking alot of orange flower lately, hehe Xx