Saturday, 24 October 2009

It's Christmas!!

I finally got round to printing some christmas cards. I had this idea in my head for ages then finally got it to the mac but thought I wouldn't have any time to print them for all you lovely organized people. But here we are, I realized that we still had two months until Santa comes and so I got printing yesterday and finished them today, a lot quicker than I thought I would too.

Instead of the usually festive colours we went for She draws alternative festive colours of coral and grass green!! I also added some glitter for a bit of christmas jazz.

You can find them in my folksy shop right now and I hope you like them!!


  1. oh, i do! very pretty. how did you print them? with a gocco? with a screen?

    i have a proposal for you! it's all rather cloak and dagger, but i am putting an email together tonight so look out for it!

  2. They're cute!
    My friend has made some christmas cards with his letterpress this year - so many nice hand made christmassy things!