Thursday, 8 October 2009

When I won a giveaway.

I was a very lucky lady last month because I won 2 blog giveaways, yes that's right two!! I totally love both the prizes I won, but this is the first prize that I am showing you which I won at Yellowgoat's blog.

So here it is a gorgeous 5" inch handmade plate from LAS design on Etsy. It is create from recycled stoneware clay and has a fabulous lace or doily pattern imprinted into the clay before firing. It is then glazed in a bright yellow, which i love as it's my favourite colour and so I am even more pleased I won this item.

As you can see it has already found a home housing my rings. I have a few quite a few plates and cups which i lay my jewellery on at the end of the day so this little plate feels right at home.

I will show you my other prize very soon.


  1. Hi Laura
    Congrats on your good luck and fab prizes, and apologies for the mail from "Tina". It's really disturbing, and I can't imagine what the connection could be, or the advantage to her to name my blog. Verrrry odd.

    Thanks for letting me know,

  2. That is one GORGEOUS plate. Really!

  3. ooh very cute.. i was secretly also pining for that plate.. but yaay you won!! :)

  4. Wow congratulations!
    what a beautiful design and colour choice. It goes perfectly with your ring!

  5. Oh how brilliant! I really should enter more giveaways - I always seem to see them after they've closed. D'oh!