Friday, 23 April 2010

Double award

I was kindly award this Kreativ Blogger award by both Edwina Simone and Crafty Jemima. Thanks guys!

Although the rules are to pass this on, I won't be since all the people I would nominate have already been awarded and therefore it can all get a bit overwhelming. So this now is dedicated to anyone who wants to be nosy :).

Ok so i'll do 14 things about me, here goes:

1. I love the Time Team. Tony Robinson is just great.

2. I believe hands say a lot about a person and I especially don't like it when people have extremely dry hands!

3. I can't stand fussy eaters. I am not fussy at all and I have even taken to peas from not refusing them even though I didn't like them.

4. I'm not a big novel reader, but I do like adventures :)

5. I have camel coloured hair. If I say it's brown I sound like an in denial ginger, if I say I'm ginger I sound pretentious. Can't win.

6. I have to have a drink of tea in the morning and at around 4 in the afternoon or else hell breaks loose.

7. My boyfriend is half Greek.

8. I've not had a filling in a tooth yet, touch wood got the dentist in May.

9. I drive a VW red Lupo.

10. I have a old fashioned Eiderdown which I have on my bed at all times, even in the summer. I am mad.

11.  For some strange reason a lot of people think my name is Lauren, especially my boyfriends friends who continue to call it me.

12. I hate wearing socks.

13. I used to be the editor of a Parish magazine.

14. I love charity shopping and have found a Hugo Boss skirt and some Ray Ban's in the past.

I hope you enjoy the silly facts about me!


  1. Congratulations and love the facts! Xx

  2. ahhh sockless camel pigeon :)

  3. Well done you, you are not mad, but today it seems in six months, I final got my feet out in sandals!Kx