Friday, 9 April 2010

To sew?

Shall I get this mini sewing machine from John Lewis with my crisp £50 from Xmas?

Will it be a good investment?

Yay or nay?


  1. I so wanted to buy this myself but just don't have the money.
    If you get it you should try to find it in a different colour, I've seen red and pistachio green.. x

  2. It's Cute. Any sewing machine is an investment. If you don't have one, and you lok at the stuff I make, I got my sewing machine for my 14th Birthday, I am now almost 39, so 23 years old, had it serviced twice at approx £50.00 the last time.
    But now need a new one as have lost so many parts to it!Kx

  3. Wow this is amazing!! It would solve all my sewing machine issues. It's so light I could put it in my suitcase. Do you know its dimensions? Have you seen it in real life?
    I definitely think you should get it. I have never seen a small sewing machine with all those stitch options and as it's John Lewis it should be good quality.
    Oh also (this is going to be a very long comment) I saw a friend of mine the other day WEARING YOUR EARRINGS! I couldn't believe what a small world it is. She is a very big fan. Also did you get my email about rings and things?

  4. I'm definitely not going to tell anyone not to get a sewing machine! But I'd only get this particular one if you're going to do lightweight sewing only.

  5. I think it would be a great starter machine. Go and buy and enjoy it. I started with an old machine that my grandmother gave me.

  6. Yay. Go and get it. A sewing machine can be a girl's best friend. I've been wanting to get one myself.

    Nice site. I'm happy to stumble upon this by accident. :D

  7. I'm with Kitchy Coo- very cute wee machine- but for an extra £30 or so you can get a pretty amazing Brother machine which can handle heavier fabrics and heavier usage. Depends on how much sewing you intend to do! I have this one and it has everything you need to do anything from light sewing all the way up to dress-making!

  8. Let us know what you decide and what it's like. I'd love a sewing machine x