Sunday, 5 July 2009

Too old for cake?

It's the BF's birthday today at a very dandy age of just 23. We haven't really got up to much, he's been full of cold so just stayed in to watch the very intense tennis.

The BF's parents are a tad old fashioned, but this can be good and I soon found out after they regularly enjoy a good old English tea time. His mum often bakes, some good, some clearly an experiment but never the less all exciting. On birthdays she really goes all out baking and bakes a birthday cake, maybe two! I've had some amazing ones from her also.

I always think, that no matter how old you are a birthday cake and some refreshing tea is probably the bit you look forward to most. Infact I do think the desire for cake just blooms with age!


  1. We are never too old for cake, and that is a fabulous looking cake- yummy.

    love n light


  2. I'll be having a cake smoothie once I'm too old for cake! (That came out a little darker than I thought it would!) Happy belated birthday to the BF :)

  3. Never too old for cake! I love those pics you included :)

  4. god this looks fun! love the teacups! x

  5. I love the colorful cake! It's such a cute mix with those fun tea cups!!

  6. YAAAAY!
    I adoooore cakes, tea, and your photos are wonderful!!!!