Monday, 6 July 2009

Drum roll please!

Apologies for the delay in drawing a winner for my giveaway - I just wanted to add some real suspence to the occasion!

So this time I decided on drawing in the old fashion way, I used the random generator before, but there just isn't that pazzaz when the winner is revealed. So I wrote out all all the names and neatly folded them, then placed them in a vintage wooden shaker which the BF's parents use to draw the lottery.

So here is me shaking up the names.

Here is me drawing the names.

And here is me picking the winner ..... who is ANNA - from ZennithZark!

Congratulations to you Anna, I hope you enjoy the items!


  1. Yay - congratulations Anna!

  2. lovely blog and i *love* your etsy shop <3

  3. Your work is amazing, so inspiring (cant spell). Great blog.