Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Bad Gal free buttons.

I'm a real bad blogger right now, with hardly any recent posts despite having loads of new items in my shop and generally lots of fun things going on!

To get me blogging again I thought I would give free buttons away with all purchases from my shop as I did just before Christmas. The offer went down so well then and if you missed out on my free buttons here is your chance again!

Yes that's right, it's free buttons will all purchases, so you could buy your favourite set of buttons and get your second favourite totally free!

*Single cards are the only exception on this offer and a minimum of 3 single cards must be purchased to get your free buttons.

This offer will also be on for a whole week, so from today 23/03/10 to 30/03/10.

Must go make some fresh buttons for you all now!

1 comment:

  1. Yey!! You are back! I was starting to worry that we had lost you for good :-/
    Thanks for the button offer too Xx