Thursday, 25 March 2010

This is London.

Last week, the boyfriend and I took a little trip to London. A mini holiday for us both. After many years visiting art galleries in London, neither of us had really ever explored other places and museums in any great depth so we planned our trip so we could take advantage of all these other places. In the end we went to the British Museum, the V&A and the London Transport museum which was fantastic (we both loved all the old transport and the shop was pretty good too!).

We hit the shops too, in Covent Garden and Carnaby Street etc. and despite us both having a great time we still left feeling a little frustrated because we'd only touched upon places we'd like to visit. I think the long list grew after coming back from London and the desire to go back soon was rather strong!

We did treat ourselves a lot, especially when it came to tea and cake (big up the British Museum for having great London Company tea in silky bags, yum!). I also bought myself the "This is London" childrens book by M. Sasek. It was a must right?

Russell Square tube station has to be my favourite by far. I love the decor, even if the lifts and small space does scare me a bit!


  1. right. that book is a firm favourite with us. we read it before and after every trip to London.

  2. Your trip sounds great! Maybe you should have another one - the quilts exhibition is on until July.