Friday, 1 May 2009

All that glitters - Be a slob with colour.

After watching Kirsty Alsop last night, I couldn't agree more with her "be a slob with colour" moto. I love colour and I am a massive fan of using it. I respond to colours really well, all mixed up together so it looks like view of a fair ground whilst your on the being swung around on the biggest ride.

My tutors at university always praised me on my colours but I always felt a bit envious of a guy who had a great talent for using neutrals in a gentle and soothing way. He would use all types of greys, peaches and beiges but I just couldn't resist the colour and I guess I am a slob with colour! Thankful my head now has rules on what I think will go and what really doesn't and I have finally got over my purple fear (it's just the shade Lavender I have the issue with now).

I hardly ever wear neutral colours, although I wish I could pull it off and I really never ever wear black. I like black, but we just don't get on that well. I can't even wear black shoes! Mine are all red, and purple and blue but yet I still find clothes I think match. Or atleast I think I do.

Here are some homewares to get that slobby look!

Doilys -lovelylovely


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